😎 Hey! I'm Saurav.

I'm a student in the Bay Area. Super into startups, space, and CS.

I'm passionate about tech and entrepreneurship. I've pursued these interests through startups and projects (check them out below!). I also enjoy exploring science and my curiosity—I'm working on a few research projects in the areas of AI, Physics, and Astronomy.

Cofounder, Announcr

Announcr connects clothing brands with influencers to create subtle advertisements. Better engagement, results, and convenience – all for a cheaper price.
Developed MVP for validation, now building the full platform with React and Supabase. Built a network of creators with over 10 million cumulative followers.
  • Recently received a grant from 1517fund worth $11k.

Founder, Lapis News

Lapis News is a platform designed to spread positivity through good news, jokes, and animal videos. Built the app in Swift.
Designed, researched, and created a sentiment analysis AI pipeline with 4 machine learning models.
  • Algorithm paper accepted to the MIT IEEE conference and will be published in December.
  • 1.5k users from over 65 countries, reached Apple Top Charts.

Work and Internships

Right now, I work at The Wall Lab at Stanford and have been since the summer of 2021. The Wall Lab creates and researches resources for autism. I'm on the Guess What team, working on Federated Learning (personalizing AI).
Earlier this year, March to May 2021, I worked at MealMe, a food startup in SFO. As a SWE Intern, I worked on the server bots with python, built the customer support chat with Webhooks in Swift, and did some networking projects. MealMe is the hardest working and most talented group I've worked with.

More about me


I go to Bellarmine College Prep, where I debate and lead the Investment Club, ML Club, and iOS Dev Club.


I'm from Sunnyvale, CA, in the middle of Silicon Valley. Went to the same schools as Steve Jobs and Brian Armstrong!


Right now, I'm diving into social blockchains, astrophysics, and innovation theory.

More side projects!

My super-awesome blog

Things I love

  • Theories: Planet 9, Moravec's Paradox
  • Industries: Creator Economy, AI (sensory), Blockchain, FinTech, VR/AR, Physics tech
  • Research: AI, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Astrophysics, Biotech
  • Crypto: ETH, SOL, DESO
  • Startups: OpenAI, MealMe, Muse, Pearpop
😎 epicsaurav at gmail.com | LinkedIn | Twitter | Medium | Github | Youtube